Welcome to the Weather Station


The Lightship Overfalls Weather Station has three main components, the video camera,
the weather station itself, and the computer. Below are very short descriptions of each.

  1. The video camera is a PTZ (P - Panning, T - Tilt, Z - Zoom) Wisenet model. The camera can be aimed manually or by a preprogrammed routine. The camera is mounted on the forward section of the Overfalls Lightship's crows nest which provides an ideal location for "seeing" not only the Lewes Harbor in its entirety but also the Canal Front Park and the Lewes Little League Baseball fields.
    The video camera was supplied and installed (in the Crows Nest) by Shore Security Systems located in Berlin, MD.

  2. Weather data is supplied by a Davis Instruments model Vantage pro2 Plus instrument mounted on the Overfalls Foundation Ships Store. Data is sent wirelessly to a Davis Instruments Console and on to a Dell Computer. The Overfalls Dirty Hands Gang installed the weather instrument and console.

  3. A Dell Optiplex computer receives and packages the data for onward transmission to the Overfalls Foundation website (overfalls.org).