2019 Review from the President

January 7, 2020

Dear Members of the Overfalls Foundation

So what’s going on at the Overfalls? My first year as president has come to an end so I thought I would give you an update as to some of the happenings from this year and an idea of what is coming up. As you have all seen, if you have been near the ship, it is looking great. Dorchester Shipyard did a fine job cleaning and painting the outside of the ship. The Dirty Hands Gang has done well keeping the inside looking ship shape. If you live near the ocean and salt air, scraping and painting become a way of life. Thanks to Don Gansauer and the crew things are looking good, and the DHG are also taking care of some other projects on our property. We have to be aware that in a few years the Ship will have to return to the shipyard for another overhaul and we are working on the funding for that trip.

We have had some changes in the programs and the Board of Directors. Eric Van Gilder’s term as Treasurer has been completed. Eric has done a fantastic job and thanks from the entire Foundation. Bob Garry has brought his knowledge and expertise to the Board and we feel that we are in good hands. There have been some other changes to the Board. As our Foundation grows, we need to make adjustments to help with positions and growth. Tracy Mulveny has moved from Vice President to hold the new position of Executive Director. Mike Safina has stepped into the position of Vice President and should be a great help with his many talents and knowledge of organizations’ operations. We are going to be focusing more on education of the area and its history. Sue Tolbert and Bob Gibson held children’s programs last year on knot tying and signal flags. They are planning more programs for this summer season.

Alan Klineburger, a new member to the Board has agreed to oversee the Memorial Brick Program and take on documenting the history of the Overfalls. We are planning to change the program for the Memorial Walkway. Members who have passed will be acknowledged in a memorial service with a brick added to the Walkway to honor their service to our organization. This will be done yearly.

There are changes coming this year as to what has been the Opening Party. It will now be the yearly Gala. More information will be sent out as soon as plans are finalized.

Each year awards are given to several deserving members. The retiring Treasurer received an award for his dedication and hard work. The President’s award is given to a member that has gone above and beyond for the year. I decided to give two awards for this year. Dave Beck has done a remarkable job making sure we had coverage with guides for tours. Don Gansauer took over the Dirty Hands Gang from Dale Peace and had some very challenging items to handle. He tackled these items with the help of his crew. The Behind the Scenes Award went to Sue Townsend who ran the ship’s store and was much deserved. This involves a lot more than just selling Overfalls items. Sue’s responsibilities also included scheduling coverage in the store and inventorying all items in the store. Sue has retired from her duties in the store but will still handle Ships Store and inventory. We always need help and if you have any interest please let Mike or me know.

The Board feels it is necessary to have an Overfalls Foundation Office. It is difficult to run an operation out of members’ houses. The Net House has been made available to us but we cannot always get the time and day we prefer. Also our Foundation records are in many locations and there is no space provided at the Net House. This is a growing organization and we need to run it more business-like. We found an available space in Nashua Commons. Rather small but reasonable, this will do for now. Thanks to Mike, Tom Rew and Maggie Bauer for searching for an office space. We now have a place to keep records and meet for business when appropriate.

These are the highlights of what has been accomplished this past year by members who have the good of the Foundation in their minds all the time. I would like to thank the current directors and those that have left the board for all their hard work and dedication. Job well done!!!!

William E. Battista
President Overfalls Foundation

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