2018 Review from the President

I’d like to take a minute of your time to thank the Overfalls Foundation for electing me to the position of President for the next two years. I cannot move into the position without thanking all those who served before me. This is a great organization that has been successfully run for many years by very caring, successful and intelligent individuals. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for what you have accomplished. You took a retired ship that was wasting away and turned it into a well maintained artifact of which the town of Lewes and those who visit the area can be proud. The ship is now 81 years old and after the work accomplished on her this year, the lightship will be a proud attraction to the area for years to come.

I would like to thank and congratulate outgoing President Albert Didden and the Board of Directors who have served their terms on the Board with many necessary and forward thinking accomplishment during their terms in office. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for a job well done.

We must continue the work these members have accomplished. What is needed for our future? Now that’s a long list but these are the highlights. Our current membership is not getting any younger, although dedicated, not any younger. We need to continually search and encourage membership growth. Along with that we need to constantly search for new opportunities for fundraising. In a few years the ship will have to return to the shipyard for another refurbishment. This project is expensive but not doing it would be a disaster for our organization and for the ship.

How can you help? Join the Overfalls Foundation and volunteer to help where needed. Attend our largest yearly fundraiser which is the annual Opening Benefit and Auctions. Become a member of the Dirty Hands Gang to help keep the ship clean and repaired. This year we are planning to start an educational program for local youth. There are many other opportunities in the organization which need additional help and new ideas.

Thank you for your help and interest in the Overfalls. I hope to be able to interact with all the current members and those who would like to be part of our organization to help preserve our sea-going history.

William E. Battista
President Overfalls Foundation

219 Pilottown Road - P.O. Box 413 - Lewes, DE 19958 - Telephone 302-644-8050
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