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The Overfalls Foundation needs volunteers to help with all phases of our operations as listed below and described further down. If you would like to volunteer your time to helping the Overfalls Foundation achieve its mission, complete the form at the bottom of the page.
The Dirty Hands Gang
Development Activities
Social Activities
Ship Tour Guides
Welcome Center and Ship's Store Crew
Communications and Outreach
Technology and Special Projects
  • The Dirty Hands Gang - This is hands-on help with the continued restoration and maintenance of the ship, from painting to mechanical work, small individual jobs and large group jobs. If you like working with your hands, working with the Dirty Hands Gang will certainly fill the bill.

  • Maintenance and Enhancements Going Forward

    Now that the ship has been stabilized and completely rehabbed, our work efforts in the future will be:

    • Prepping and repainting on a continuous basis.
    • Making repairs to her structure and systems as needed.
    • Work towards getting equipment overhauled and running; i.e., air compressors, anchor windlass and ship’s main engine.

    Interested in Joining the Dirty Hand Gang?

    • We work on Tuesday 8:00 am until noon, April through October. Lunch is provided each Tuesday. Who said “there’s no free lunch”!
    • On work days we typically have 12-18 men and women show up for work.
    • No special skill level is required, just a willingness to get involved and work to maintain the ship for future generations. At the same time, however, we always are looking for people with technical expertise.

    If you are interested or have questions, contact Don Gansauer at DHGOverfalls@gmail.com or complete the volunteer form below

  • Development Activities - At the present time, the bulk of our revenue supporting our operations are derived from state and local grants as well as revenue from fundraising drives, special events, social activities, and special contribution programs. Whether or not you have experience, your help is needed with the myriad of large and small tasks related to these activities.

  • Social Activities - The Overfalls Foundation hosts a number of social activities through out the year including the Mardi Gras, the Opening Party, a new summer activity still in the planning stages, the September Fest, the Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame induction party, and the Holiday party. These events all require significant help from the membership to help ensure their success: planning, advertising, invitations, arranging food and drink, set up and decorations, and other related logistics.

  • Ship Tour Guides - We need you!

    We expanded our schedule for guided tours from three to five days (Thursday through Monday) a week.  To do this we will need to increase our number of ship guides.  The Overfalls Foundation prides itself on giving one of the best historic ship tours in the country.  Each tour is conducted by a guide who tailors the tour to the individual visitors.  Not only are questions welcome, they are encouraged as each associated answer is an opportunity to further tailor the presentation to the specific visitors.

    The ship tour season will generally be from Memorial Day weekend until Columbus Day weekend Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-4:00. Each shift will have at least two guides and more in the periods with greater traffic.

    This is a great opportunity to tell the Overfalls story, it is fun and you will meet some very interesting people.  No experience is needed; the Foundation has an updated Ship Guide Manual (click here) and the guides all learn form each other.  To get into the rotation or for more information, contact:

  • Or, you can complete the volunteer form below and we will contact you.

  • Welcome Center and Ship's Store Crew - Adjacent to the ship, we have Overfalls Ship's Store where we sell clothing, books, jewelry, original art work and other items related to the Overfalls and lightships. The Ship's Store serves as a welcoming center for anyone visiting the ship, as well as a place to purchase articles.  The store is the first step in their visit to the ship.  New volunteers are always needed and the work schedule is flexible, usually a three-hour shift., with the opportunity to meet and greet many interesting guests.  All of the volunteers enjoy their time in the store and find it very satisfying. If you are interested, contact Sue Townsend at (302) 593-7962 or send email (stownsend104@comcast.net) or complete the volunteer form below and we will contact you.

  • Communications and Outreach - Communications with our members and visitors is critical if the Overfalls Foundation is to continue its momentum. If you enjoy giving presentations writing for print or the website, taking photographs, using Internet social tools, e.g., FaceBook, Twitter, etc., have related technical skills, (print layout and website design and maintenance), we need you! Contact Bob Gibson at (302) 645-5844 or send email (lewes@netzero.com) or complete the volunteer form below.

  • Technology and Special Projects - The Overfalls Foundation must adopt new technology to help maintain the ship and make it assessable for our members and visitors. If you have experience with current and emerging technologies and have a knack for applying them to practical applications for the ship and the foundation, we would like to hear from you. Contact Tom Wrubel by email (webmaster@overfalls.org) or complete the volunteer form below.

  • Education - As we move into the phase of our mission, we need teachers to educate students of all ages on the history of lightships, the Overfalls and Delaware's maritime history.

If you are interesting in volunteering to help us, please complete the form below and one of our volunteers will contact you shortly.

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