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Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

President William Battista
Vice President Mike Safina
Secretary Bob Gibson
Treasurer Bob Garry
Board Member Maggie Bauer
Board Member Dave Beck
Board Member Albert Didden
Board Member Don Gansauer
Board Member Bob Garry
Board Member Tracy Mulveny
Board Member Tom Rew
Board Member Sue Tolbert
Board Member Bud Vai
Board Member Tom Wrubel

Committee Chairs and Activities

Annual Giving Tom Rew**
Curator Ray Glick
Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame Emily Yeager and Elaine Simmerman
Dirty Hands Gang Don Gansauer**
Executive Administrator Tracy Mulveny**
Finance Bob Garry**
Communications Judy Battista (Facebook) and Tom Wrubel (Webmaster)**
Insurance Albert Didden**
Membership Tom Rew**
Outreach Alan Klineburger**
Monomoy Project Don Gansauer**
Planned Giving Tom Rew**
Public Safety Don Gansauer**
Ship Guides Dave Beck**
Ships Store Manager Sue Townsend and Sue Tolbert**
** Board Member

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